Transparent Sheets Reply

Light weight and high design flexibility make transparent plastic sheets attractive for use as “organic glass” in many different applications, e.g., noise barriers, green houses, sport arenas, sky domes, solar panels or bus stop shelters. In addition, rigidity and impact resistance of acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC) sheets were optimized expanding its usage for safety and architectural glazing as well as for automotive, aircraft, yacht or caravan applications. Depending on the application, the transparency requirements will be very different and need to be objectively controlled – often within very tight specification. More…

Whiteness Explained 1

Sample of a white paint drawdown. Photo Courtesy of BYK-Gardner.

Sample of a white paint drawdown.
Photo courtesy of BYK-Gardner.

While rarely found in nature, white is the color encountered most often in the human environment. It is the color of neutrality, of cleanliness and freshness. White provides contrast with other colors, and can increase the visibility of a logo or printed text. Conversely, yellow is the color of age, of things that are old and worn and uncared for. That’s why for product manufacturers that make white materials or use white packaging, it’s important to get a consistent color with high whiteness to convey to their customers that sense of freshness, that the product is new and clean.