Free Webinar: Color Control of Effect Colors June 1, 2017 Reply

How to measure total color impression of effect colors?

In contrast to solid colors, effect finishes change their color and appearance with viewing angle and lighting conditions. Metallic finishes show a lightness travel depending on viewing angle whereas pearlescent colors also create a color flop. Additionally, special effect pigments exhibit high sparkling effects under direct illumination.

In order to objectively describe the visual impression of effect finishes two different measurement principles are needed. Attend the webinar to learn more! More…

Free Color Theory Poster from BYK-Gardner 3

Color Theory Poster. Photo Courtesy of BYK-Gardner.

Color Theory Poster.
Photo Courtesy of BYK-Gardner.

BYK-Gardner has a free Color Theory Poster that is available for your offices, labs or facilities around the world.  If you are interested in ordering a free poster, Measure What You See Blog has included the form to order your Color Theory poster at the bottom of this post. More…