Oldest Glossmeter Contest Reply

Do you have an old gloss meter still in use?

It may be the oldest!

BYK-Gardner is running a contest to find the oldest gloss meter still in use. Enter here for your chance to win a new micro-gloss with smart-lab.  Contest ends June 30th 2017.

Gloss meters in the Museum at BYK-Gardner USA. Photo Courtesy of BYK-Gardner USA.







For more information on BYK-Gardner, visit byk.com.

Free Webinar: Color Control of Effect Colors June 1, 2017 Reply

How to measure total color impression of effect colors?

In contrast to solid colors, effect finishes change their color and appearance with viewing angle and lighting conditions. Metallic finishes show a lightness travel depending on viewing angle whereas pearlescent colors also create a color flop. Additionally, special effect pigments exhibit high sparkling effects under direct illumination.

In order to objectively describe the visual impression of effect finishes two different measurement principles are needed. Attend the webinar to learn more! More…

Consistent Quality of Powders and Creams Reply

Eye shadows are produced as powder or creamy product. Colored facial products are available highly viscous lotion or a foundation, which is often finished with a facial pressed powder. Finding the right skin tone takes time and once selected it is expected to be the same at each purchase.

Color consistency is a key quality criterion for a successful product with a long lifetime. Powders, pastes and liquids can either be measured in mass or in case of lower viscosity products as drawdowns on test charts. In both cases a noncontact measurement technique will be the preferred method since this technique correlates best with how the consumer perceives the final product in the store. More…