Using the cloud-runner for Process Modification Verification Reply

Automotive OEMs are constantly looking for ways to make manufacturing more efficiently while producing a better vehicle. Use of the cloud-runner can provide valuable feedback when evaluating new paint processes and paint formulations for the presence of mottle or striping. More…

Quick and Inexpensive Color Measurement of Metal Surfaces Reply

Metal Production Tanks. Photo courtesy of Altana.

Metal Production Tanks.
Photo courtesy of Altana.

Metallic surfaces can be difficult to quantify for color.   The color measurement varies dramatically with the angle that you view it. For this very reason BYK-Gardner developed the BYK mac i multi-angle color instrument. It measures the color and sparkle of the metal and other effect surfaces at 6 different angles and even quantifies how much sparkle there is on the surface.

However, this is just too much information for basic color quantification of bare metals, building materials or inexpensive household or automotive accessories. More…