BYK-Gardner to Offer Webinars Reply

BYK-Gardner is offering FREE Webinars to cover the basics of color and appearance measurement.  These are only one hour long and can be viewed from the convenience of your office.  Different topics are offered every two months for easy learning. Each webinar is given at 3 different times and is in English and German.

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Webinar Topics

What measurement geometry fits my applications: 45/0 or d/8°

July 9th, 10:00am EST

Basic color theory (illuminant, observer, CIELAB color system)
45/0 compared to d/8° geometry
– Typical applications

The basic building blocks of Color QC                        

Oct 1st, 10:00am EST

Standardized Illuminants
Standardized Observer
Reflectance properties of objects
– Color System CIELAB

Instrumental color control of effect colors with BYK-mac           

Nov 12th, 10:00am EST

Color measurement geometries
– Sparkle and Graininess measurement

 Visual color evaluation of effect finishes                                         

Dec 10th, 10:00am EST

– What influences color perception of effect colors?
– Light / Dark Flop – Color Flop – Sparkle – Graininess
– Visual evaluation of panels and car bodies

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